The information on this website is intended to educate readers as to the scope and the gravity of the problem of unresolved trauma, and to provide resources for those seeking healing for themselves or others.

Did you ever wonder why so many famous people—film stars, music industry greats and athletes—so often destroy themselves with alcohol, drugs and other self-destructive behavior despite having achieved things that most people only dream about?

Did you ever wonder why that girlfriend keeps getting into abusive relationship after abusive relationship, despite being reasonably intelligent, capable and having a strong support structure?

Did you ever wonder why stress-related illnesses and chronic conditions are not only on the rise, but effectively countering a lot of the advances that have been made in medicine over the last century?

Did you ever wonder why such things as chronic depression and anxiety disorders have proliferated in recent years, particularly among children, teens and young adults?

In many of these cases, the culprit is unresolved mental and emotional trauma, the biggest public health crisis that has yet to be recognized as such. Unresolved trauma is so widespread and so common that most people who are suffering from it don’t even know that their suffering is in fact being caused by trauma.

Since unresolved trauma is so poorly understood, many have spent wasted years in therapy and/or medicated, seeking treatment from those who simply do not have the skills to effectively do so. These wasted years can represent decades of debilitating emotional pain which, sadly, often end badly due to addiction, misadventure or suicide.


Here, you will find brief descriptions of the topics below as we understand them. Bear in mind that these are a bit contentious by their nature, since there is not always agreement amongst medical and psychological practitioners, and their understanding of these issues is still in its infancy.

The Nature of Trauma
The Mechanics of Trauma
Recovery From Trauma